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The Golden Gate Kids Program will help young students become Bridge Builders. They will learn to build positive connections as they apply the articles of the pledge to their personal life, their classmates, their family and community.

“I Pledge to Build and Strengthen a Safe and Encouraging Community for Our Youth.”


Bring the Gold to Your Home

The Golden Gate Movement has been a phenomenal success in schools across the country for all grade levels. Why not spread a little gold outside the classroom? With our family guides, tools, and monthly challenges, you can bring the power and positivity of the Golden Gate Movement to your home. 


Here, we listen. Here, we are kind.

Everyone has a story that is worth telling, and when we listen to those stories, we can connect in ways that we all desperately need. In a continually isolated world, we want to shine light on everyone’s unique and meaningful experiences. Join us every week as we meet a new friend, and hear their story.

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My name is Kasey Chambers.

I am the Golden Gate Community Director, and I am so privileged to work with an amazing team to bring Golden Gate beyond our school doors and into the community. I am married and have one son and another on the way. I am a 5th Grade teacher in Utah, and I absolutely love my job. I began my journey with the Golden Gate Movement by supporting and learning from our Golden Gate Kids Director, Michelle Thorn. I worked with amazing Elementary educators to support them in creating curriculum for our Kindergarten through 6th grade students. I soon realized that I had a passion for spreading our message into the community. We piloted the Golden Gate Stories podcast to spread the message of kindness to people outside of school communities. And that is where Golden Gate Community came to be. I became increasingly more passionate about helping adults and families in the community espouse the Golden Gate pledges to help our youth during their most vulnerable times. I can’t wait to see how this community will grow!

Our Mission is Kindness

Our goal at Golden Gate Community is to have all members of the community join in the common goal and commitment to uplifting and strengthening our youth by giving them strength, kindness, and safety in all of their interactions. Our vision is to provide tools to families and community members to make our goals a reality. We are research based and driven by a passion for helping the youth feel confident, loved, and ready to take on the world with the support of their family and community behind them. We feel that the incredible things happening in our schools can happen and be supported beyond school doors. As a team, families, educators, and community members can combat the challenges youth face today by modeling kindness and creating safe environments and relationships. We strive daily to help our youth in every aspect of their lives.


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