• Additional Golden Gate T-Shirts for elementary students. We will contact you via email to confirm the design and any customizable details.
  • IMPORTANT: This product is for the annual renewal fee -- NOT for first-time buyers. Time for another phenomenal year for the bridge builders at your school! Continue making a difference in the lives of your students for another year by renewing your status as a Golden Gate School. The Golden Package has everything you need to bring The Golden Gate Movement to your middle school.
  • The board members of The Golden Gate Movement have spared no expense in time or money to make sure every school can adopt our program successfully -- especially elementary schools. Our Golden Gate Kids Program Package has everything you need for a powerful, yet simple implementation that children can relate to and retain. For an itemized list of what is included, please scroll further down and read the information provided in the Product Description tab. IMPORTANT: This package is for elementary schools.
  • 1000 Pledge Cards
  • 12x18” color laminated Pledge Series Posters Set - (9 in a set)
  • Order your set of 3 Elementary School Banners to replace those that were included in your original program package. This set includes a pledge banner, a declaration banner, and a Golden Gate Kids banner.
  • This product includes a set of 3 wristbands for $1


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